Internet Security 101: VPN

I wrote a blogpost about VPN and what it can really do for your privacy and security in the Internet. I decided to post it to a friends blog.

Read it over at Endemittezwanzig blog here.



Replace a wordpress site url in database with sed

Wordpress is one of the crappiest piece of software ever written. If you ever want to do simple stuff, like running different environments, you are already on your own. Read this page if you feel like crying. Wordpress doesn't provide anything for that and even if it would, some bad coded plugin will use hard coded urls anyway. It's just a huge mess. I didn't find anything to fix this, so I decided just to dump the whole database and replace the urls with the following sed commands:

sed -i -e 's/127\.0\.0\.1\/wordpress/' database.sql
sed -i -e 's/localhost\/wordpress/' database.sql
sed -i -e 's/localhost\\\/wordpress/' database.sql
sed -i -e 's/localhost\\\\\/wordpress/' database.sql
sed -i -e 's/localhost\%2Fwordpress/' database.sql

With this you can replace localhost/wordpress with

Seriously, how can people run large wordpress installations in production environments?